living life in two worlds


Sheldoncole started out as an acoustic project for the Vancouver born, Oregon raised Sheldon Kozushko. His first EP titled Detroit, an enthusiastic effort, recorded in a home studio with his brother Nic, garnered world-wide recognition. With his optimistic folk single “Live for Love” reaching over 190, 000 streams in over 40 countries, Sheldoncole began gaining momentum and climbing up the mountain of DIY musicians. After spending a summer in Detroit and discovering the underground house concert scene, Sheldoncole set out to play one house concert a month in Vancouver and the surrounding area. This endeavor led Sheldoncole out to Mexico City where he played a house concert and was interviewed on the number one university radio, Ibero 90.9.



Sheldon returned to the studio feeling inspired and nostalgic. He created a collection of songs invoking self reflection and grappling topics such as love, death, and faith, appropriately titled Dark. Trying out a gloomy sound and added instrumentation he left the studio with his anxious single “Monsters”.


“Monsters” grapples with a lot of anger, bringing tension to his ambient folk roots. It is soulful; vulnerable; chords resonating with the weight of each missed opportunity. Facing one’s own faults can make acceptance all the more challenging—and the friction weaves, intriguingly, into his melodies.”

-Natalie Hoy The Permanent Rain Press


With a strong work ethic and a whole lot of passion, the phenomenon that is Sheldoncole continues to spread. He landed an artist feature in Beatroute BC, a feature on his house show tour in The Georgia Straight, and a handful of radio interviews in only a few months. After embarking on a 2 month, 54 city tour, playing living rooms, backyards, bars, tattoo shops, and any quirky place he could find across Northern America, nothing seems too big for this young and emerging artist. With a full length record produced by Andy Park ( Young in the City, Death Cab for Cutie, Noah Gundersen) around the corner as well as a feature tour documentary, Sheldoncole is someone to keep your eye on.