living life in two worlds


Sheldoncole began out as a pen name while searching for long lost relatives in Belarus. In the Spring of 2016, Sheldoncole developed into a musical project motivated by the necessity to connect, to share music with others, and to share stories through the universal language of music.

What initially started out as a search for family developed into a more expansive musical project drawing serendipitous strangers in, creating a sense of home & belonging within the shelter of song.

“Music has the power to break down barriers of language and bring people together in an ineffably beautiful moment. Sometimes a song can simply touch a part of your soul that nothing else can.”

Inspired and influenced by such artists as Dallas Green of City & Colour and Alexisonfire, Josh Garrels, Noah Gundersen, and Jack Johnson, Sheldoncole’s sound can be described as...


Recently featured on Roundhouse Radio and in Vancouver's The Georgia Straight, in addition to stacking up over 150,000 plays on Spotify with his song, “Live for Love” off his debut EP Detroit, Sheldoncole is beginning to pick up followers and pick up steam. Taking stories and turning them into songs, and turning house show profit and merch sales into freedom & hope for those in need, Sheldoncole is all about creating positive change. 10% of proceeds from Sheldoncole’s ethically made t-shirts go towards the International Justice Mission.

With new music releases around the bend and a new track in collaboration with a local hip-hop producer to anticipate this year, Sheldoncole is just getting started on his journey. With intimate house shows happening each month, you can catch Sheldocole on a 52-city-wide tour this summer from June-August 2017.

This is one phenomenon of sound that you just have to experience live and in person.